Don’t let this happen to you!!

Sharing is Caring!

Be honest….

How many of you have left a burn mark somewhere from your hair straightener?  🙋🏼

Yep, It happen to me. And on my mom’s custom made desk that I’m using as my makeup/beauty table.

Shhh I haven’t broke the news to her. Although I think she’ll know after she reads this post. Lol.

So how did it happen?

I left my straightening iron ALL…. DAY…. I totally forgot to turn it off!  And it doesnt have the automatic shut off feature.

Note to self: A must have feature when I buy a new straightening iron.

 The solution!



While browsing Amazon the solution just appeared to me.

A flat iron stand!!!!

I wish I had one of these years ago! Do you know how many times I have or my cats have knocked over my straightening iron?

Miracle with suction cups

The Kiss Flat Iron Stand has suction cups on the bottom to keep it from slipping or you can suction it to a mirror. It also folds down for easy storing. I am totally taking this on my next trip. I am in love with this!

To order click here.

I swear every girl needs this!

Here’s a link to my flat iron

Sharing is Caring!